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Good evening, person on my blog. My name is Elizabeth.
Things I like include:
Doctor Who,
The Beatles,
Led Zepplin,
Classic rock in general,
Harry Potter,
Marianas Trench,
David Bowie,
Alan Rickman,
Anthony Hopkins,
Gene Wilder,
Tom Hiddleston,
Robert Downy Jr.,
David Tennant,
Marilyn Manson,
Johnny Depp,
And much more shitty shit.
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precious cupcakes
  • Chad Kroeger: tch
  • Nicolas Cage: s...senpai
  • Chad Kroeger: baka, I will never pay attention to you
  • Nicolas Cage: b-but senpai, I...it took me so long to bring up all my courage to talk to you
  • Nicolas Cage: weh
  • Nicolas Cage: wehweh
  • Chad Kroeger: Tch, weak.... *turns and walks away with hands in his pockets*
  • Nicolas Cage: *cherry blossoms fly across them as the moon shines down on their school yard setting, his hands fall to his sides and his bangs veil his eyes...suddenly...*
  • Nicolas Cage: *In hopes that his senpai will look back at his attention seeking sluttery*
  • Chad Kroeger: *Freezes, time seems to stand still as the cherry blossoms fly between them, his hair blows in the breeze slighty as he speaks. The camera focusses on his face as his eyes seem to be veiled my some unseen shadow.*
  • Chad Kroeger: Why.... did you not you tell me this....*Wind blows*
  • Nicolas Cage: I was scared you'd reject me....b...but it seems you don't want me anyway so... *Tears begin to spill from his face as he turns 180 on his heels, shoulders shuddering* I...was a coward, senpai...
  • Chad Kroeger: Tch... I.... *Turns around, suddenly making fists as he shouts,*
  • Chad Kroeger: I HAVE ALWAYS WANTED YOU! But...*looks away quickly, his voice quiet* I am actually.... *pauses*
  • Nicolas Cage: *he turns around abruptly as Chad yells, pausing as well for effect as his eyes shine, tears blobs still spilling* Y...You're what?
  • Chad Kroeger: I.... *Puts a hand to his face, gripping* I Am also pregnant...
  • Nicolas Cage: *Eyes widen considerably as his pupils become the size of pin-heads* h.....how? *Wind blows harder and more fucking petals fall and shit*
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